Run On Less
Data Visualizations for Electric Freight Transportation
North American Council for Freight Efficiency
In Partnership with RMI
A joint effort between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Run on Less is a best-of-the-best, cross-country roadshow that showcases advancements in freight transportation efficiency. Run on Less demonstrates how efficiency technologies improve the bottom line for fleets while benefiting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021 NACFE and RMI will host the first all electric fleet for their Run on Less roadshow.
The Problem
The dashboard and website NACFE had developed for previous runs was not working well for them on multiple levels. It was difficult to update content, the implementation of the design was incomplete, and key data was not conveyed effectively.
The Solution
YoJonesy is working closely with NACFE to redesign and rebuild to address shortcomings and showcase the upcoming all-electric event.
Planning and Execution
This project is underway and we are thrilled to be working with leaders in the clean energy industry. We aren’t at liberty to reveal details about the forthcoming site, but we can say that we’ve mapped out a strategy and technology architecture that will provide maximum flexibility and scalability while simultaneously taking the event branding to a whole new level, in part, by leveraging curated content from RMI.
Key Takeaways 
  • Engaging all stakeholders in the design process enables YoJonesy to understand UX hurdles and assemble the very best ideas for the new platform
  • Efficient project management is key to bringing a relatively short-term project to successful completion despite many stakeholder voices
  • Mitigation of security vulnerabilities is an increasingly urgent matter for utilities
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