Run On Less Electric
Data Visualizations for Electric Freight Transportation
North American Council for Freight Efficiency
In Partnership with RMI
Run on Less – Electric (ROL-E) is the electric truck technology demonstration conducted by  the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE). The Run showcases advancements in electric freight efficiency, with more than a dozen different electric trucks measured over three weeks along their usual delivery routes. A variety of metrics are captured and tracked for each vehicle in order to tally the amount of carbon they emit.
Range, Weight and Infrastructure Anxiety
Understanding the efficacy of improvements for range, weight and electric infrastructure for longer regional routes is needed for mass adoption of electric trucks. NACFE and RMI (formerly the Rocky Mountain Institute) seek to synthesize, educate, and inform the industry on how to cost-effectively reduce emissions while reliably transporting freight. 
Understand, Educate and Inform
YoJonesy worked very closely with NACFE and RMI to build an analytics and visualization platform for the event. Data is collected via integration with Geotab telematics tracking devices and integrated into a powerful web application. The collaboration also yielded a website and learning management system for ROL-E.
Research, Planning and Execution
Getting the right solution required a deep understanding of the fleets and their issues and requirements. This involved site visits to 13 different fleets, creating and conducting 10 educational sessions, and showcasing the real-time use of trucks in their distinct environments.
Key Takeaways 
  • Active engagement of all stakeholders from the very beginning and carrying through the project ensured that we delivered not just a quality product, but the right platform that truly meets the client’s needs
  • Planning and executing an early “soft launch” is critical for working out production-deployment issues on projects that have immovable public launches
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