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A Global Power Research Institute
In Partnership with Black Ice LLC
The Problem
Over many years, our client has produced an extensive set of printed field guides (also known as “pocket guides”) that convey critical information on best practices, measurement techniques, and more. These guides cover a range of subjects a field technician might encounter and are based on their extensive industry research. Carrying multiple paper guides into the field is cumbersome and looking up critical information in them is inefficient and time consuming. 
The Solution
Working closely with our client's various subject-matter experts (SMEs), we developed a mobile app that allows field technicians to download electronic versions of the guides they need. These guides facilitate quick navigation and can even convey complex information using 3D models of different structures.
 The challenge of moving to electronic, mobile-based field guides was multifaceted. Different users are only authorized for certain guides, requiring a granular per-guide authorization system. Additionally, the guides needed to be usable in remote locations where internet access may not be available. Features were required to enable users to capture checklists, notes, images, and audio recordings. Another important feature is ability for administrators to update or amend content and have it immediately available to appropriate users.
Key Takeaways 
  • Flexible integration with corporate authentication/authorization system was key
  • Authoring/editing tool that mimics mobile UI saves time
  • Innovative techniques were used for specifying and deploying interactive guide content
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