Diagnostics for Solar Generation and Transmission & Distribution
Field Diagnostic Application
A Global Power Research Institute
In Partnership with Black Ice, LLC
Guided Troubleshooting with Reactive Hierarchical Decision Tree
Flexible Data-driven Diagnostic Model
Progressive Web Application (web and mobile)
Supports field and office/offline usage
The Problem
Solar energy production involves increasingly large and sophisticated generation infrastructure and producers need to be able to diagnose generation issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Similarly, electric utilities with transmission and distribution infrastructure need to quickly and efficiently diagnose component failures and various other issues within that infrastructure. Adding to the challenge, these components and facilities can be in far-off locations with no internet connectivity. 
The Solution
Working closely with subject-matter experts within EPRI, we developed an intelligent, data-driven diagnostic system that guides an engineer through the appropriate diagnostic steps in order to identify and remediate the problem. The tool was developed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which allows the app to behave like a native mobile app (as well as a web app) and enables field engineers to access the content whether or not they are online. Users can, for example, use their mobile-device’s camera and GPS to catalog observations. 
Over many months leading up to this project, we analyzed workflows, conducted content audits, defined taxonomies and ontologies, analyzed data and met regularly with stakeholders and their utility members to iterate on and realize a vision for a system that would bring maximum business value. The result is an intelligent application with a data-driven model that will allow the client to extend into new areas with minimal development effort. Looking forward, we are assessing using computer vision and machine learning to automatically classify observations and further accelerate the process.
Key Takeaways
  • Power infrastructure diagnostics need to support both in-field and offline workflows.
  • Quick and accurate troubleshooting can result in significant cost savings by reducing time spent in training, time in the field, time spent researching issues, cost of unnecessary repairs, and more.
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