Digitizing Volumes of Information
Transforming Libraries of Reference Content for Consumption on the Web
A Global Power Research Institute
In Partnership with Black Ice, LLC
The Problem
The reference guides produced by our client for the power industry were historically enormous thick printed volumes that were printed and delivered at great cost. Not only do these volumes contain a large amount of content, but the content also includes many tables, charts, diagrams, scientific formulae, and other complex elements. The modern industry workforce is accustomed to being able to browse, navigate, and search content on the Internet and expect to consume industry reference material in the same way. With numerous topics spanning multiple large reference volumes, over 10,000 pages needed to be organized, structured and presented for the web and implemented within a highly secure environment.
The Solution
We took the approach of starting with the most complicated guide, understanding its content thoroughly, and looking at it from multiple angles. This gave us the context to define how best to import, organize, and structure it for presentation and ease of use across all screen sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop). The result is a system that is repeatable and can be applied to the other reference guides (and to other complex content) for a fraction of the cost and effort. This system also includes a full-featured CMS interface for managing and editing content. 
Digital transformation projects require a change in how people work, and this project impacted the workflows of dozens of content authors and tens of thousands of users. Our approach was to spend time necessary to fully understand the problem and how this new approach would impact the industry. We incrementally introduced features and gathered feedback, provided high-touch service, demonstrated progress early and often, and documented and communicated every step of the way. The result has been a successful transition from static printed or PDF content to a dynamic, more interactive application that allows for new types of content (video, data visualization, animation) and provides a richer, more accessible experience.  

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