Cyber Security for Generation Assets
Asset Vulnerability Management for Utilities
A Global Power Research Institute
In Partnership with Black Ice, LLC
The Advanced Vulnerability Grading Tool (AVGT) allows industrial users to map known vulnerabilities against their specific infrastructure and stay on top of an up-to-date, prioritized set of cybersecurity threats. 
Grid Infrastructure-Security Issues
Like most large organizations, electric utilities face a variety of infrastructure-security threats, including hardware failure, data breaches, and cyberattacks. With the electric power grid having become such a high-profile target for attackers and would-be infiltrators, monitoring and remediating vulnerabilities is a top operational priority. However, the massive volume of data from multiple public and private sources of this information (billions of assets and vulnerabilities), combined with a lack of structural consistency in the data, makes it daunting for utilities to effectively use the information and stay ahead of their vulnerabilities.
Search, Manage, Report and Remediate
YoJonesy worked closely with subject-matter experts on the Technology Innovation team at our research-institute client to create a web application that acts as a dashboard for monitoring vulnerabilities. This application consumes, filters, and normalizes data from multiple sources and provides a clean modern user experience that draws attention to the most important issues for the given user based on their specific infrastructure. It includes a fast and easy-to-use search capability and clear visual indicators of asset vulnerability mitigation status. 
Search that Delivers
Less is more when trying to find the results of an asset and it’s vulnerabilities. There are billions of possible results when searching for assets and vulnerabilities and they are specific for each user.

By digging deep into the datasets and understanding the relationships between assets and vulnerabilities we were able to build a powerful, fast search feature that delivers peace-of-mind to utility users by prioritizing relevant results based on their individual infrastructure and needs.
Manage, Report and Remediate
Utilities need to know which assets are vulnerable, report on the state of their assets and make a plan for remediation. The Advanced Vulnerability Grading Tool gives them the platform they need to quickly evaluate, manage, and ultimately resolve their vulnerabilities, thus enabling them to "keep the lights on” and focus on their core business.
Key Takeaways
  • Normalizing data makes it usable
  • Identifying relevant assets and vulnerabilities requires intelligent search
  • Mitigation of security vulnerabilities is an increasingly urgent matter for utilities
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