Technology Strategy

We help companies develop and execute on sound strategies that best leverage technology to their advantage.

A technology strategy is a vital part of business planning

A well-developed technology strategy not only provides a clear vision for where a company is going, it also establishes the right context for day-to-day technical decisions. 
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Focus on business value

YoJonesy helps our clients understand and harness technology to maximize the impact on their unique businesses. A sound, well-thought-out strategy, when put into practice, delivers results such as:
Streamlining workflows
Improving operational efficiency
Providing increased value to customers

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

–Peter Drucker
Renewable energy company needed to build out a greenfield power-generation control room from whole cloth -- inside a steel shipping container. YoJonesy Founder/CTO developed strategy with CEO/CFO and implemented a groundbreaking control room and data center.
Production graphics systems integrator was looking to capture IP in a new software product. YoJonesy Founder/CTO worked with the CEO to develop and execute software-product strategy. This flagship product was the primary driver for later successful acquisition.
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