Custom Software & Integrated Solutions

YoJonesy works closely with our clients’ in-house engineers and/or subject matter experts to specify, design, and build groundbreaking custom solutions.

Buy vs. Build is an oversimplification

We work closely with our clients to determine if their business objectives can be best achieved using off-the-shelf products or if a custom solution is appropriate. Custom solutions make sense in a variety of settings, including:
  • When no off-the-shelf solution exists
  • The cost of building a custom solution is lower over the long term than licensing and customizing one or more existing products to achieve the same functionality
  • There is a desire to create a new product and own the intellectual property
  • The solution envisioned involves a novel combination of components and/or technologies
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Rethink what’s possible

YoJonesy brings decades of experience across a wide range of technologies to the table when our clients are contemplating creating something entirely new. We work together with our clients to assess how new technologies (or combinations of technologies) might be harnessed to address their functional or operational challenges.
Modernization Strategy
Define a strategy and execution plan to retire, replatform, rebuild or remediate your enterprise systems.
Adopt cutting-edge technology practices and tooling to create scalable, long-term digital business models and processes.
Cloud Modernization
Maximize the benefit of the cloud with the right organizational structures, platforms and technologies.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

–Anton Chekhov
Despite a plethora of software apps, products and services, custom development still represents an enormous and growing market
  • The custom application development service market is expected to grow by USD 26.74 billion during 2020-2024 (Technavio)
  • Average time taken to develop custom software = 4.5 months (GoodFirms)
  • AI is the top identified trend in the software industry (GoodFirms)
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